Maternity Photography

Maternity Photoshoot

Capturing maternity pictures may seem unconventional to some, but I wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace this unique experience. Looking back, I deeply regret not having professional images of my firstborn during my last pregnancy. Those photographs hold precious memories that could have been cherished by my entire family. 

Moreover, I strongly urge you to include the father in your maternity session. Celebrating and documenting the story of the beginning of your family's life together is a beautiful way to honor the journey you're embarking on. These pictures will serve as a lasting testament to the love and excitement that surrounds the arrival of a new baby. 

Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot

This type of session is a blend of posed and documentary-style photographs. Savor this fleeting stage in your baby's life, for they will never be as small as they are right now. Embrace the opportunity to preserve the unique features and delicate details of your little one. From the gentle creases in their skin to the adorable grip they have on your finger, every aspect of your newborn's existence is a treasure to behold. Through our newborn sessions, you can create timeless memories that will evoke fond reminiscence for years to come.

While newborn sessions are ideally scheduled within the first 14 days, I also offer sessions for older babies. Immediate family is also encourage to participate, adding an extra touch of warmth and love. 


Lifestyle / Documentary


Full Session


60 min.
2 Outfits
One Location
25 Professional Edits
Online gallery and printing
Partners and children included
Weekday or Weekend

Mini session


15- 30 min.
One Outfit
One Location
10 Professional Edits
Online gallery
Weekdays Only



In Home W/ Family
One Hour Session
Two Outfits Changes
20 Professional Edits

Maternity & Newborn


$250 due each session

Save $40


1 Maternity Full Session

1 Newborn Lifestyle Session

Milestone Session


$233 due each session

SAVE $100


1 Maternity Full Session

1 Newborn Lifestyle Session

1 Milestone ( about 6 months age)

1st Birthday/ Cake-Smash Session